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A Marhab family should be Rs 2,289 a day


The Narmathal Food Basket, which compares the information and statistics unit of the Chamber of Commerce in Maracaibo, reached 68,678 in October, ie, 38.2 minimum wage

Natalie angulo
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November 12, 2018 5:34 pm

About 15 products of food trade are inadequate in formal markets Photo courtesy BienDateao

Maribio.- A family in Maracaibo will have to collect 2,289 boulevards food basket daily According to a study conducted by the Chambers of Commerce, a monthly magazine, monthly price rise is calculated.

The Information and Statistics Unit (UIE) at the Chamber of Commerce in Maracaibo In October, it reached 68,678, with a monthly pay of 38.2.

Foodgrains of five family members have recorded an increase in BSc September 2018. The monthly income was 92.39 per cent.

Chamber of Commerce 46 collects the price of 50 buckets of food. The National Institute of Statistics (IEEE) and 10 formal commercial establishments are located in three popular markets in Marcoubor.

The inflation index was calculated and the figure was 92% in October. Annual income (from 2017 to October 2018) is estimated at 143.808%. At the same time, collections stood at 14.367 per cent in the last two months of the year.

46 products were observed, and they determined it Inadequate in 15 major markets, So their price will be in informal markets, which really reflects the price.

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