Saturday , January 16 2021

A nanny who takes care of the child kills the child and gives the body to the mother

Wisconsin, a nanny from the USA, He killed a 2-month-old boy and then pretended that he was alive and was alive to give it back to his mother, So she accused her of the first degree of deliberate murder.

According to the complaint, Marisa TeatroortAt the age of 28, the child died in October. He put on the snowcloth and sat on the car seat And the child returned to his mother telling him without having died.

Judge Jill Falsted issued the judge during a court appearance last Friday 440,000 euros cash deposit And it ordered No contact with children or family Victims

TeatrootWho is it Pregnant with her sixth childThis includes child abuse allegations 11-month-old girl in her care. The charge was taken from the incident last August.

According to the police report, a 2-month-old boy's mother kept her and her older brother at home Teatroot On October 18 After about two hours, the child's mother received a text message Teatroot, In which She sent him a local news website who published an article in which she said she was accused of child abuse And it should not be in contact with children. Teatroot He did not tell the mother that no one else She cared for her two children.

When the victim's mother came to choose her children later, The child was hitting his eyes at his car's seat. The mother told the police that she thinks she is asleep. Later on He realized that his son does not breatheCold and rigid Police found her with "Ashen skin tone, her jaw tight and her lips blue"

Teatroot He told the police that he had killed the child. When that night her boyfriend came home, they went to McDonalds and She took her dead childAccording to the complaint.

After returning the child to his mother, TeatrootAccording to the police, her boyfriend and son swim in the hotel, antenna reviewed 3 TVs.

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