Monday , May 29 2023

Adriana Lima leaves his Victoria Secret wings



Brazilian Super Model Adana Lima He reached his arm at the age of 18 and the last year's calendar Victoria's Secret The white peacocks flickered with the feathers when they were happy with the audience.

A video presented at parade recording on Thursday, announced Lima as "the greatest messenger of all time" Praise Fatboy slim.

On December 2, ABC will display the parade across 190 countries around the world.

Streets, Shaan Mendes, The Chainsmakers, Rita Orra, Bebe Rex, Kelsey Ballerini and Hulse Winny Harlow were among the artists who joined up to 60 musical models in Downtown Manhattan and sister Sister Bella, Gigi Haded and Kendall Jenner.

In the course of his performance, a handful of hands touched one of the messengers. A technician was robbed and looked for gold jewelry. Mendis was wearing black and his loudspeaker guitar was behind when he played "Lost in Japan". Gigi Hadid walked with big parachute shaped wings and baguette prints with a bag of bag.

Jenner walks with shining stars, in black and silver bikin and black feathers. In another pass, a scotch-pattern bikini wore, with a little red skirt, sculpted very well. In the parade, a funny harlot, waterfall and ornaments of pink feathers were performed.

The 37-year-old Lima, a mother of two children, rested along with other models in small black bars decorated with golden stars before the parade. Models that chat with journalists at the time of makeup.

I thought I would go longer than I could for years, "said the blue beauty, the stylist's hair." But I'm still scared, it's like my first Victoria Secret show. "

He smiled as another 30-year-old Namibian Bihari Prince. Marlene's fifth-man singer Prince Leveson has been married since 2009. After two years, she returned and gave birth eight months to her second child.

It is a great honor to get back to this area after the birth of children, "he said.

Her birthday gave her more confidence.

This is a bit difficult. "He said," It appreciates my body so much, can do it, create life, and, obviously, go back to do that. "


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