Friday , May 7 2021

Alcaldía de Maracaibo sells cocaine tonelas with carpets

Más de 2 mil familias from benefactor of this finale, as a result of the famed populations of Alcaldía Maracaibo, and Ramón Leal and Triónfo, the famous Luis Hurtado Higuera and Manuel Dagnino respected as a traveler.

El director general de Alimentación en municipi and president of Fundación Fondo de Apoyo an Economiya Popular, Reinado Herrera, who has been involved in the purchase of hundreds of millions of crores of censored cars.

"Gracias al esfuerzo de la Gobernación del Zulia, who has control over the control of Alcaldía, has been involved in the murder of a young man", Herrera Herrera.

Durante's trade-off from the combos of different kilos of carnen 750 750s Soberanos, as well as the production of a new product,

Estimated merchandising of fines for realizing the benefits of a family famine maracaiberas.

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