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Banks in Brazil and Japan use cross border payments for Crypto News


Japanese Bank MUFG and Bradesco were involved in a deal to develop relations between Japan and Brazil. Bermesco is the second largest private bank in Brazil.

MUsubishi UFJ Financial Gorup's banking unit, MUGI issued a press release in 2017, In the development of a system of payments to residents of Japan and Brazil.

In the hope of this new project, the Japanese subsidiary Banco MoUF Brazilian for Latin America, Bredso has high processing speed, transparency and transactions in all activities are expected.

The US company Ripple's contract is considered to be a member of the development of the payment system. Signature of San Francisco Signature, like other cryptocorne on the market, makes it possible to make international payments with a blockchain, a service offering banking companies as commercial product for banking companies.

Relationship with the grandmother continues in the development of financial products for the private sector. It was the first of its kind in Japan, the first to be established in Brazil. The Curforder broker focused on payment services as it began to become part of the Japanese banks consortium. It becomes a technician for BlackCynion Solutions. Additionally, it works with Coinbas, Mizuhu, Bank and IBM.

The system Even in development, it does not know whether or not cryptocurrencies can be used Coin coins issued by central banks.

In this approach, the recent MoneyTap application – confirmed that XRP CryptoCartar will not be used to accomplish the transfer of Japan's first block transfer transfer system, RippleNet, but a technology developed by XCurrent is a technology developed.

This technology has been developed for transactions through a system The angel, This translates payment information to register with the protocol InterplagerPlease reassess information that needs to be transmitted without having to use a cryptocurrency.

Hypocrisy in Asia

The expansion of Asia's business market beyond Brazil. There is a new payment system on the repenitpt. Thai Bank Bank Ayurvedep (Krugsree), MUF, US Bank, Standard Chartered.

There is an international payment system called "Krugsri Blockchain Interledger" Japan and Thailand, As well as providing future services in Singapore with the help of Standard Charters.

The Thai Bank is an innovation in money transfer. even though, Although XRPent is not used as currency, XCurrent is already known, Confirms this is the most popular among banking products that offer a concealment.

Last May, a part of the tests were organized. In the payment system, xCurrent, the function has been transferred from Thailand to Singapore.

Without this program, over 100 banking institutions across the world have been able to consolidate its product. South Korean Bank SBI Holdings & Trading is the oldest alliance with Woori Bank Bank for Bank Pay Siam International Payments

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