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Barcelona Great League – Dominican Jose Ramirez Among the Winners of the Silver Bat at the Major League


In Major League Baseball, 10 Latin buckets were awarded 10 Silver Bats, six American and National teams in the American League.

The award presented by Louisville Sglar takes place in both leagues and in every position.

Each season, the Major League team coaches and leaders will be participating in the Young and Old Circuit's best producers.

Voting is the vote of offensive statistics, including the average basic, percentage and drugs.

The general evaluations of the aggressive value of a player are also considered. Pilots and coaches can not vote for members of their own team.

In the American League, the Latin American players who won the Bat de Palta award were Venezuela, Salvador Perez of Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros' second Basman Jose Aladou of Kansas City Royals.

First Cuban foundation Jose Abraham, Chicago White Suce; Cleveland collaborated with India's third baseman Jose Remixes, Puerto Rican Francesco Francis Lindor.

Boston Red Sox, J.D. Martynes ​​of Cuban finished the American League's Latin American players in the list.

Michael Bates and Silver Bat of Los Angeles's Red Sox and Michael Trott.

The second layer of children in Chicago was assigned to Latin America by the Latin American people, Silver Beat. Puerto Rican descendant Nolan Aranudo, third Bassaman, Colorado Rockies; David Perlotta, Venezuelan expert at Arizona Diamonds and German Markos German Markos of Roxys.

Full list of Silver Bats winners:

– American League:

C: Salvador Perez (Royals)

1B: Jose Abray (White Sox)

2b: Jose Altew (Astros)

3B: Jose Ramirez (Indians)

SS: Francisco Lindor (Indians)

OF: Nose Bets (Red Sox)

OF: Mike Trout (Magas)

OF / BD: J.D. Martinez (Red Sox)

– National League:

C: J.T. Realmato (Marlins)

1B: Paul Goldskid (Diamond Backks)

2B: Javier Base (Children)

3B: Nolan Aarinado (Rocky)

SS: Trevor Story (Rocky)

OF: Christian Yelich (lavers)

OF: David Petraţa (Diamonds)

Of: Nick Markaceus (Brevez)

P: German Markus (Rochester).

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