Thursday , January 21 2021

BBVA has forwarded its organizational charts against Torres and Janice

At the meeting held today, this BBVA's Board of Directors has appointed Carlos Torres Villa as Executive Chairman Entity includes, Francisco transfers Gonzalez, and Onur Jain, CEO. In recognition of his heritage, Francisco González has been appointed as the honorary president of both BBVA and BBVA Foundation. All this will be effective when relevant authorization has been received, before December 31, 2018.

Likewise, the Board has approved a new institutional structure, which caters to the purpose of promoting the group's transformation and business, while the executive moves forward in the limits of functions.

BBVA CEO and the next President Carlos Torres Villa said, "We have completed well-planned succession, which is committed to internal talent and ensures the continuity of our transformation project."

The main features of the new institutional structure are:

This Executive president He is responsible for the direction and direction of the board of directors, management of supervision, institutional representation of survival and leadership and promotions of the group's strategy and its change process.

For its part, CEO, Will be responsible for reporting the Board of Directors directly to the general management of the group's business.

"The strength of BBVA is its team and reflects the new structure," said BBVA's current head, Honor Jaink in the US. And the next CEO of the group.

Areas that will report to the CEO are:

  • Business units:
    • Corporate and Investment Banking: Louisiana Gomez Bravo, now a global director of investment and expenditure management at BBVA within Finance, now leads to this area instead of Juan Assún.
    • This Responsible for the countries
      • Country Monitoring: Jorge Senez-Ezkunaga
      • Country manager Spain: Cristina di Perria
      • Mexico's country manager: Eduardo Osuna's
      • Country Administrator of the USA: Javier Rodriguez Sauer, now the Strategy and the charge of M & A, after the appointment of Honor Jeanci as the new CEO, the US. Will be responsible for the group's operations in
      • Turkey administrator of the country: Foot Erbill.
  • Following Global Functions:
    • Client Solutions: Derek White
    • Finance and accounting: Jaime Senez D Tejda The finance sector now integrates accounting and financial offices.
    • Global Risk Management: Rafael Salinas

There are areas where the CEO will report:

  • Regions related to key changes:
    • Engineering and Institution: Richard Fordco, currently responsible for the Talent and Culture field, will manage the engineering sector, which will also include the organization's work. Ricardo Moreno, who is responsible for engineering so far, ends the successful phase on the head of the sector, and BBVA has returned to Argentina as the leader of the Francis Board.
    • Talent and Culture: Carlos Caesas, now in charge of the benefits, benefits and key roles within this area, will be his new manager.
    • Data: David Puente
  • Related areas Strategy:
    • Global economics and public affairs: Jose Manuel González-Paramá
    • Senior Advisor to the Chairman: After the head of corporate and investment banking, Juan Asuya has taken this new role.
    • Strategy and M & A: Victoria del Castillo, now M & A Managing Director of Europe and Turkey is responsible.
    • Communications: Paul G. Tobin.
  • It is related to the field Legal and Council:
    • Legal: Maria Jesús Aribas, the current director of corporate legal services, will lead the sector. Complimentary work in this area is currently compiled in the newly created area.
    • General Secretary: Domingo Armangol

Finally, Freedom of some areas of control is strengthened, The direct reports of its managers determine the board of directors by its respective committees:

  • Of the field Supervisor, regulation and compliance, Which will be managed by the Eduardo Arbijo, as long as it is no longer responsible for the legal and compliance sector. The care of the supervisor and the relationship with the regulators; Supervision and analysis of regulatory trends and development of the group's regulatory agenda; And when the compliance area is integrated here, the risks arising from regulatory compliance issues are governed.
  • Of the field Internal audit Jacqueline Gottari will be headed, who is still the president of the presidency, who replaces Jose Luis de los Santos, who ends the successful three decades of successful career.

After all, Ricardo Gomez Barrado, currently responsible for the field of accounting and supervisors, will remain in the group as a member of the Guarantee Board of Directors, which is a BBV franchise in Turkey.

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