Friday , February 26 2021

"Before we send refereeing, we are now ruining"

Leonardo Padron describes Leonardo Padron as "the most important state in the country," allowing Leoardo Padron to restart his work and write his first international drama "Amar A Mortem". Mexico – where he dwells – through the Televisa network, as well as by the Spanish Spanish audience, by Univisionon. He succeeded in winning as a successful career in 20 years as a successful librarian in Venezuela.

– "Amar a mute" started with a very good footstep in Mexico and America, and what would you think that would succeed?

– A good hope is the theme, dance and promotional images. I guess they guess. In this industry every day is surprised every day. The stone was not written.

– How do you approach a very unusual topic in an unknown Telenovale about what will happen after death?

– It's a doping problem. We are always talking to death. We try to understand it through the words. Man's important questions are where and where we come from. Seeking to know the mystery is to "love the death" and seek to believe in religions and beliefs. Is there life after death? Does the Spirit save us? What happens if we get a second chance? Colonial writer Julio Jimenez is searching for a series of stories based on the story of 'NAA Cupo Pojoo' all around the series. It is hidden in other cases. This is a strong argument, which I added to other components to add more elements.

Do you want to focus on the design and development of a project that lives in temptation as a temporary resident?

One of the most urgent situations in a deportation is usually to reclaim anything. The stream of your work on everything. I have a chance to get this opportunity. I guess it is because of the rigidity and commitment I require. I try to keep the wounds of exile alive.

– The differences and similarities in developing your work, the Mexican TV industry and ours.

There are many differences. Another market, another public and cultural values. Another production system is something notorious: I do not know most actors. I had to trust my eyes with suggestions from W Studio and TVs. But here, too, a story is written in Australia as well.

– What is the distance between Leonardo Padron of "Amoras de Finn de Siglo" and "Amar al Murtz"?

More than 20 years. Many satellites, right? I am more aware of the more skills I have achieved and the competence of trading strategies to achieve or achieve or not. On the other hand, television has made a lot of changes. How is it calculated that we are a pioneer and precursor of reference in Venezuela. Now we are furious. So he makes himself self-replicating. I did not expect that.

How does "Amar alternate" try to find Mexico as a window to the realities of the country?

– I love to spread the complicity of Mexico's journalism and exploring the great problem of the soul. It is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Journalists are permanently threatened, tortured, tortured or killed by drugs. I have an entire story that contains that theme.

– Is soap opera "Venezuela" long or last longer than its summit, or is it the last term?

– There is not even a higher choice yet. The kingdom grieves as it extinguishes it. This is the most dangerous thing that can happen to us. There was no more urgent forces than to defend themselves, and the voice, fear, and repression of the protest was oppressed.

– What do you write that is not that telonovna

-A classic end. When villagers pay their crime, good people will redeem their perfection. I do not think that a happy ending was ever wanted. The time of distress is overwhelmed. The end of this difficult dictatorship is that we all want to see. Tsunami, roads, ports and airports returned home. See opening business secretariat. Pipes come out of the pipes. The marvelous trucks are filled in the market. Music Hughes is a national holiday.

– Do you think how much you have?

I have a good time to get hurt. A strong term like "hope" is full of holes and colors. In the meantime, the strategic right can only be maintained in power. Some chapters are still missing.

– The Mexican critic is similar to ours, or is it different?

– I still do not know this. I challenged a critique of the fact that the taluk was first demonstrated in America than in Mexico. A national emotion. But he did not even find out the reasons.

– How far is your mother's death, and you can not tell her?

– This is one of the injuries that I will not forgive the state. Like me, a lot of people have happened to this situation. It's a pain without words.

– Do your own vacation or self?

– Clearing yourself? It is not in my plans. I have already mentioned enough circumstances. The characteristics of all authoritarianism determine the destiny of all men.

– Are you sure that you will always live outside Venezuela or live in the right conditions to live here?

I will come back. We will return millions. Others will make a living and stay away from far away, without doubt. But Venezuela has no hope in my fate.

– Where is the poem in a living being?

One of the favorite places with silence and surveillance. Until we find a way to breathe through words, everything is emotional.

– Is the critic of reality left for the poet?

Not required. Poetry helps me understand that. Poetry is permanently questioning reality. He shakes it. He opposes her to one another. It's full of her. Poetry is always defensive.

– Mara Seppron was the best link in this situation, and the support of tears and emotional support?

He is my fellow worker. My valuable support. If we had no treasure then everything was very different. The storm is nothing like a couple to navigate the storm.

– What do you want to write after "am bath"?

– Whatever I want and when it touches, I can go for what you want.

"Is he the person who loves death?"

– Below is a deep, always. That is why sometimes their failure is like the flagship of death. However, I am honest, the only place where love is dying is in literature.

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