Sunday , May 16 2021

Bitcoin prices have fallen by 80% last week

According to Coindesk Page, the bitcoin digital currency has reached a value of $ 19,000 in 2017, however, now it loses 80% of its value. Some investors also say that the year 2019 will go to "crypto history", which will put a disorganized roof on the digital currency.

Deltait's technical strategy partner Juan Pedro Gravel sees "as much as possible" that we attend the process of more regulation of cryptocurrence, and the number and value of it begin to be adjusted in the traditional methods of valuation of wealth.

"Technological and financial innovation sometimes produces illogical expectations." The technical hype passes through the speculative bubble in cryptocoversions. Gravell said that in the case of bitcoin, in addition to an attractive technique in the market, a very attractive evaluation of wealth is close to $ 20,000.

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Beetown went below $ 4,000 a week ago, the barrier did not hit since September last year. At that moment, this digital currency of extreme volatility was in the days of Euforia, such as in the last 28 months, when it was the highest daily increase in the month. But for a long time since the decline in clean growth, the value of the crypto currency on Friday was around $ 4,000.

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