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BitPay, Shapeshift and Bag Bitcoin Cash Puffs Announcement | Crypto News


The Bitcoin Cash Network (BHC) will stay till November 15. With the creation of two inconsistencies, two companies that provide services to BCH customers have announced what options they will support and how they will be handled. Process

Paid Service Provider Bit Pay is published on its official blog Bitcoin will support the chain that follows the protocol forwarded by ABC developers. In addition, BitPoe said that the platform does not have any plans to support Bitcoin Cash separation proposal. On the other hand, acceptable and commodity services from BCC will be suspended for hours to start Hardcore. Bit payments indicate that restarting these services will only be confirmed if the network's security levels are confirmed.

The location similar to BitPay is taken by Virtual Store and does not support the separation of Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV). Bitcoin will only support ABC 18.2 and Bitcoin Unlimited 15.0.0, according to official data.

Furthermore, on November 15, a platform announced by Google to buy Google along with Google CroreCourcourt announced a temporary suspension of deposits from 8th to BCH transactions. Repayments will be restored when the term of the 40s is over. It guarantees that Bitcoinish.Org road is subject to the map, Bitcoin Cash ABC Proxies Support.

About ShapeShif talked about Hardfork. The payment service company found that BHH stores on the platform would be deactivated 24 hours before BCHURCATION started. They will remain idle until 48 hours from them. However, Eric Warrias's company bishon and BSV could not support any chains.

Payment Service Rocket announced by its account Twitter, It will support the longest chain of Bitcoin Cash Fox. If Communism supports ABC, it means "that does not mean it" to support Svid. and so, "Be SV or ABC", Payment Processor Users should wait until the network is permanently fixed to know the location of this service.

Finally, between applications to support the BCH SV proposal, the Freelance Works platform is FiveBucks. The company, which was backed by BCH's ABS policy, changed and commented Via TwitterThere is no disagreement with Bitcoin ABC, one of the prototypers of, known as the "anti-Bitcoin controversy."

The announcements of some of the services are still perfect. However, environmental systems, such as the Coin Text supported by ABC ABC, expressed their concern about the major promoters' activities and threats of BSV. CoinText ensures that these behaviors and responses can generate climate of instability on networks that have not seen Bitcoin more than 10 years ago.

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