Wednesday , May 18 2022

Boeing has said that Boeing has not warned about the new system


Boiling The pilots were not warned about the operation of a new flight control system at 737 MAX, which seems to be part of a deadly and dangerous search last month. Indonesia, According to Pilots This flies do not fly United States.

The FIG Pilots They said they have not been trained in new activities of the Air Force's compensation system, which are different from the general public. Previous Model 737.

Automatic mechanism is designed to help pilots from the nose of the aircraft. This can be prevented when the plane crashes an accident.

However, if the order for reducing the nose is an erroneous sensor, it is believed to have occurred in the accident Lion AirThe pilots will be in control The flightDepending on a security bulletin, it may be bogged down or occasionally occurring Boiling Security controls.

Bulletin explained how to escape from an orbit after the accident.

"We were never in any of our training and it was not a part of our control," he said, "American Airlines does not have a flight," said 737 Pilot, a spokesman for the American Airlines Pilot Union. "Now I think, what's there to find somewhere else?"

John Wiex, president of the Southwestern Airlines Pilot Union, said: "We have not received notice to the pilots because they did not report to Boeing companies.

MAX is the new version of the dual engine Boeing 737. More than 200 people from around the world, including the United States, Southwest, and United Southwest spokesperson Brandy King said that the MAX Model Services Manual would not include a new automated migration system.

The United States does not respond immediately to comments.

Boeing's president and CEO Dennis Mielenburg said that Chicago-based company MAX is a safe passenger. He also said that Boeing has not fixed the information of flight companies and passengers.

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