Sunday , January 24 2021

Central banks started withdrawing the 500 Euro bill

The use of a 500 Euro notebook in illegal prosecution forces the European Central Bank (ECB) to move the file: All the central banks of eurozone from January 27, except Germany and Austria, The power that comes into power will be withdrawn.

They spread in Europe 521 million of these tickets, just like 2008. In Spain, by the end of October, the number of banknotes withdrawn reached level 2003. This reduction has reduced due to tourism, fraud fighting and closing of branches.

Famous People binladen, Such as the famous because everyone had heard about it but nobody saw them, they have an expiration date. In Spain, 26% of the total 500 euro came to collect, it became very popular because they were associated with the dark real estate market. European authorities have shown their indescribable use as money laundering and flight, as well as the operation of drug dealing and terrorism operations.

Keeping this situation in mind, the ECB concludes its distribution "keeping in mind" This denomination ticket can facilitate commissions for illegal activities"However, the president of the ECB, Mario Dragri, Saved them until 2013: "These tickets play as a deposit of value, as a payment instrument and as a shelter for assets," he said, and he refused to pull them back from the market.

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According to ECB sources, in January it will start withdrawing from the market as it will not be returned to private banks. However, they will continue to become legal tender, can be used as a payment instrument and spread until they reach the hands of the central bank of the euro zone. They will permanently retain their value and can be exchanged in the Euro Zone Central Banks without time limit.

But all central banks will not do the same: "For easy change and logistic reasons," the Federal Bank of Germany and Austrian National Bank will re-introduce them to the market by April 26, 2019, the ECB said, "because 500-note bills This gesture has been interpreted in the market as a way to reduce German criticism of this criterion. "

The 500 euros banknotes now show 2.4% of the number of euro banknotes in circulationBut according to the ECB statistics, they are 21.7% of the cumulative value in cash, 260,500 million euros.

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