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Confirm the existence of the Dwarf galaxy discovered by an amateur astronomer

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(Caracas, Nov. 24. News 24) .- The international team of astronomers confirmed the existence of Dwarf Galaxy Donatello I, Named by Italian amateur astronomer Giuseppe Donaldo, who discovered it.

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They discovered it while analyzing images of andromeda constellations taken between 2010 and 2013 of the Polino National Park in southern Italy.

The Spanish Institute of Astrophysics of Canary Islands (IAC) has reported that it is possible to ascertain the discovery of different galaxies, which are around the local group by Gran Canarias Telescopio (GTC) and Telescopio Nacional Gallileo (TNG).

The international team is led by the Spanish David Martinez Delgado, who is the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and the first author of the research that explains the discoveries and characteristics of this rounded galaxy.

In a statement, it suggests that he is very interested in the theory of galaxy formation to make a complete list of dwarf galaxies around the local group (composed of Milky Way and Andromeda).

He added that excessive deep images of the vast areas of the sky taken with amateur telescopes by amateur astrophagraphs can help cosmic calculations of this low-surface luminous galaxies, so far unknown, Which can not be found currently with the map of individual stars or by a map of neutral hydrogen gas emissions.

Gran Telescopio Canaryas GTC Observations), at the Spanish Atlantic Island La Palma, shows that Donaldello is 9.78 million light-years from Earth, outside the local group-forming spiral galaxies.

The hypothetical position and distance of Donaldo I is consistent with the hypothesis that it is a dwarf satellite from the nearby ultracaptical galaxy, "Miracone's Ghosts"Because of the proximity of Star Mirach (Andromeda's second most bright).

However, Donatello I can be one of the most diffused rounded dwarf galaxies ever so far located behind Andromeda, explains Martinez Delgado.

This data, together with the people gathered in TNG, also suggests in La Palma that the discovered Dwarf galaxy is made up of primarily old stars, and its stellar material is similar to galaxy galaxies such as Draco or Ursa Minor.

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