Wednesday , January 20 2021

Copa América Brazil 2019 calendar was defined

The legendary Mecca Stadium will host the Copa América Finals

Brazil.- The Organizing Committee of Conbabal and Copa América announced a calendar for the championship, which will be held in Brazil between July 14 and July 7, 2019.

Thus, the championship will begin in the city of São Paulo on the Morumba Stadium on June 14 and the Grand Finale will be held on the 7th of July in the legendary Marca stadium.

The phase of groups will be from 14 June to 24 June. While the quarterfinals will play from 27 to 29 in a single month Semi-finals will be held on July 2 and 3. 6 will be the third position and the next day will be a champion.

The Fontova Nova Arena (Salvador), the Gramio Arena (Porto Allegra), the Minírho Stadium (Belo Horizonte) and the Marcana Stadium (Rio de Janeiro) will receive five Copa America 2019 matches. Morumba Stadium and Corinithon Arena will receive only three tournament commitments.

The draw for the group stage will be held in Rio de Janeiro on January 24 from the Syadad de las Arts Cultural Complex. Brazil will be one of the seeds. While others will be scheduled after the release of FIFA rankings on December 20 and thus will define the position of each choice in the drums.

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