Thursday , June 8 2023

Corporo del Caron – La Quereria residents have so far reported 86 robberies this month


This November, at least 86 robbers in La Cruzia, Los Hellowocho, and Paso Coronie were neighbors. Ellis Peyco, a resident of Sales, is believed to be stolen between 10 and 15 daily.

"You can not go out of your house because upeksiccupeakan. For safety, we constantly ask for his support of various institutions, we tatticcunilkkunnu pyres. Just neageavarayilekk guest passes to bring kareaniyilekk, nagaravatkkaranam we are collaborating with our tax paying, we have the welfare of the living, We would like to pratisthikkanamenn lairringinumayi, clean your taxes, it is concerned we have to live here for the army, "asked peykkeaye.

The neighbors repeatedly protested against smugglers in the Cathedral of Ciudad Guiana. This interrupted the afternoon and interrupted the lack of resources.

"We want support from all security institutions because people want to activate the cathedral, they donate us, and all the parishes work together with their father Gerardo, but they donate something and they steal the next day." We have too many complaints, they do not stop us, Lisbeth Fussa Ara, remembered a neighbor in the community.

The mayors asked for help from the towns and the management of the city.

"There is a cave there because of lack of light and we do not ask for it, because it's their job and save us from La Querencia, and we can not save anyone," he said first.

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