Tuesday , June 22 2021

Corrio dell caroni – La Vicitton faced with Japan

Oh yeah Lieutenant Foxes, Lucy "Corricorn" Gonzales and Jefferson Savarino have arrived, and the 2018 FIFA Day is a full list of Raphael Duels.

The decision of National Coach Rafael Dudemay to miss the Chile University of Chies, Efersen Solddo and Japan's Santiago will not be part of a group of Japanese and Iran. November 16, 20.

In the absence of this commitment, the defendant Wickerer Angle will join the group in Iran in the tournament.

Two friendly matches are held at 6:30 am at Oeta Bank Dome Stadium in Orey. This will take place in front of the locals.


Goalkeepers: Woolier Fareens (Millenios FC / Columbia), Rafael Romo (Apoll Nikosia / Cyprus)

Defenders: Roberto Roselles (Espanyol / Spain), Ronald Hernandez (Stebeck / Norway), Jonathan Chancellor (Anji / Russia), Ydera Osorio (Vittoria GiaRamas / Portugal), Roberto Roselles,

Flyers: Arsenalus Romero (Croaton / Italy), Jerzon Savariino (Real Salt Lake / United States), Darjeel Machias (Udinese / Italy), Louis Gonzalez (sports), Jánoro Moreno (DC United, US State), Tomis Ringon (Torino / Italy) Sergio Cordova (Augsburg / Germany), Jan Marillo (Cediondo / Portugal)

FORWARDS: Salmon Rendon (Newcastle United / England), Andrews Ponce (Anhi / Russia), Joseph Martinez (Atlanta United / United States)

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