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Creation under Chasism investigation

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Julio Eccolino and Isias Rodriguez demanded more action by ANC.

"Constitutional Legislature must be Resuscitated"

Considering that "the expectations were made in Venezuelan people," the component, Julio Escalona, ​​had asked the other members of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) to revive the country's peripotentiary organization on Tuesday.

During their participation in the Special Session of ANC, which approve the budget law for the fiscal year 2019, Eskaloon has criticized the agency for its development and self-criticism of its development in the context of the current political term. The economic side that passes through Venezuela

"This ANC can be dismissed by a minister. I do not threaten anyone, but you can do that. This ANC is completely disciplined and wants to cross its attribution and not take the authority of the national executive, but people have problems putting us on the street. People are walking on the street, they come on the brink of humiliation. People are upset with us because they think that we are not doing our jobs. I believe The ANC's revival is necessary, "he said.

In that sense, Eccolon proposed that President Nicholas Maduro will be released in the emergency crisis for the call that was faced for national activity. "I formally propose that this ANC will automatically declare an emergency to face the crisis," he said.

In relation to the agreed price policy executed by the executive, he asserted that this method "is not working" and has suggested that the ANC has invited the officer in charge of this process to explain why this strategy recommends.

He also denied that the quantity of imported food was delivered to the major private entrepreneurs of the country, and suggested that the Food Ministry should be removed. "The private distribution channels are not restricted to the restrictions, restrictions, which are stored, and not sufficient for community and small and medium producers. (…) It is the ministry (food) which is contrary to food, which is conspiring against it."

"The least important is the second constitution"

Historical leader of Chavismo, Isias Rodríguez, who was Vice President of the 1999 National Parliamentary Assembly and the current one, and has played this deliberate organization since 2017, is a particularly critical point of view. "From an extraordinary and emerging organization, it has become a centralized constitutional power, which is led by the power formed," he explained.

He warned that when the path of ANC was chosen, "the country voted to solve the problem of food and for peace; against hoarding, inflation, smuggling; access to everyday baskets and the possibility of living with dignity with their pay and wages, and of these It's too little, and for some, the situation is not just bad but it gets worse. "

Venezuelan ambassador to Italy: Rodriguez used his diplomatic post in Rome in the year 2018. But that does not mean that they are distracted by their analytical and interrogative attitude. In a special interview with a definite denial, he said: "ANC was a reaction to the situation. I convinciate with this appreciation more. It was a strategic response that, in the worst hour, became strategic. It is used for everything and by government More or more are worn. "

"In my opinion, Rodriguez continues, the most important thing in today's country is a new constitution. The people of Bolivian Republic of Venezuela, hate, their despair, their disappointment, their instability, the need for peace, living with dignity and faith in their institutions and transparent economy. is needed. "

For Rodríguez, "The defeat of street violence was the work of voters, not the legislature. It was established between the peace created directly by the people.

The country voted for peace and for the solution of food problems; Hoarding, inflation, against smuggling; The possibility of having access to everyday baskets and with respect to their wages and their salaries. Very few have received this and, for some, the condition is not just bad but it gets worse. The failure of the opposition is not our success, nor our achievement, it is a characteristic of the country that does not exclude the areas that direct us. "

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