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Crechekar plans to make a debut boxing debut


By Michael B Jordan – pastime imagery

By Michael B Jordan will try to fight with a legend of grandfather


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September 12, 2017/13: 30 hours

By Michael B Jordan – pastime imagery

Boxing is one of the most popular sports that attract hundreds of fans, as well as American actors like them By Michael B JordanNow the dream of becoming a professional pugilist.

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Tyagus, a team of the best fans in Mexico

Character Faith Revealed in an interview TMS sports He wants to take on a legend to like the drama as a boxer Roy Jones Jr.. Former World Champion in four categories and future Hall of Fame.

"I think I can do my thing, I train him very hard," he revealed on Friday at a new stage. Creation II Inside United States, His opponent's "Roy Jones. That's my man. I think I can do something now. But now that it is better, I would have overcome my donkey. "

Jordan A 49-year-old senior citizen was selected. Because he tried to train all the characters during these months. Adinis Crad. His debut movie Mexico January of 2019.


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