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Demi Lovovoto leaves sexually suggestive gestures (+ photos)

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(Caracas, November 23 – News 24).- Demi Lovato is fully involved in its health and is healthy after leaving the rehabilitation center in early November, After treatment for alleged overdose Heroin

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Demi Lovato has a personal trainer for her physical and nutritious care, with whom she spends several days a week for rapid improvement. "Sober" interpreter spend most of his time with his family, especially his mother.

Four months after the hospital's full-fledged secret and care, for excessive stray, Demi Lovato appeared with designer Henry Alexander Levy. However, E Revealed Source Revealed! News does not fall, Because the young woman fully focuses on its recovery and leaves a romantic date.

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This is one of the reasons that the singer was upset with the bodyguards leaving the gym. Demi Lovato could not conceal his disturbance and could even have some weakness, which forced her to make an extraordinary reaction to Americanism.

& # 39; Echhem La Clappa & # 39; An interpreter, a song sung with Louis Phoenie, was poor and obviously annoyed when she realized that she was pressing through a pink press. In addition, Demi Lovato has shown that she wants to avoid asking any contact with the camera about the type of consumption it takes and Regarding the recent case of Unfollow (prevention of social network) of Selena Gomez on Instagram.

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Demi Lovato, with his press, for the moment, hated his anger, made a sign with the middle fingers of his hand in clear denial. The singer wants to end with her recovery and wants to return to the ring as soon as possible.

Remember that his former partner Wilmer Valderema was always on his side and this gesture was grateful to Demi Lovato, who made it clear that he is not finding any romance at the moment and It is only kept in mind for a long time that he has to deal with it To achieve your total dormancy.

Photo: Instagram

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