Wednesday , January 20 2021

Doctor dies while closing himself from a mantle zip-line of Mary Monument # 6Ene

A man, known as Anti-Daniel Cardozo, who is an atomic surgeon by profession, lost his life on Saturday after injuring himself in a Zip line in the Manto Day Maria Memorial.

It does not know the cause of death until the moment, but according to unofficial information it was coming down from the attraction of tourists, when there could be an unidentified event due to the mishap.

The victim works in a university university clinical hospital, it was known by social networks.

Cardzo visited the monument with his family and according to the promotion of reduced cable cable for the practice of extreme sport, the government wants to enjoy "the longest zip line in Venezuela", according to the promotion by the government.

Police sources said that the unfortunate, who was assisted by the colonel Juan Canalone's sleeve, was transferred to the Twilight City Military Hospital, where he died.

On May 21, 2018, a 450 meter ZIP line was inaugurated by Governor Carmen Meladez, who has not yet commented on the incident.

As part of her, Valentin Quinters asked Governor Melendez to comment on the unfortunate event.

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