Friday , January 22 2021

Does Philian make life impossible for teams of interested in Marc and Harper? | AL bat

Bryce Harper can make it into a Philin's organization.

Bryce Harper can make it into a Philin's organization.

| Bryce Harper | AP

However in the last hours Los Angeles Dodgers They would have decided to leave the contest, while Washington returned to the civil war Bryce Harper.

Around the organization Philadelphia of Philadelphia They are sure to win the winning team's financial ability and mysteries to attract the great talent of the winter market.

According to John Stolnyne's editor at Westwoodwond, Philip Meye Matches or Bryce Harper, if they wish, is a great sign to sign.

During the last week these rumors have been "created" in a particular way, make sure to try different ways that both stars prefer to sign in with Yankees Instead PhilippiHowever, in this case "bronx" it seems that they have more interest in the macho signature Harper.

New luck in these moments Harper In 2019 it looks far more than that March.

In fact, the star of Dominican Republic On many occasions it has proclaimed its great admiration Alex Rodriguez It is one of the reasons why he became a follower Yankees And many people confirm that it will end up signing for them.

Few days ago Los Angeles After the change of three players made with Cincinnati Reds, it looked like a proper destination for Harper. But, like a tool Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Chicago's White Sox And the same Yankees They can give a surprise.

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