Saturday , January 16 2021

Facebook Messenger with Dark Mode

Thick issues are prevalent and more and more services are working to implement them and users can enjoy it.

Now we know that Facebook Messenger also creates dark mode for its interface.

The darker mode has reached various apps, so it will be very dark in the Google Chrome browser.

There are some who go a little further and already, for example, McAvoy Mojave includes this dark interface.

Facebook Messenger will be the next users who will present a completely black interface with typography, icons and images, so that all the information in exchange for a short break in our view is fully readable.

In this dark way Facebook messenger already knew some data, especially, those aspects that look at different sections of the app with a black application, which fits very well on this messaging platform.
However, the new data for Twitter Jane Manchun now known is that the application's dark interface has started to be publicly tested in some countries, so some users have implemented it.

A button appears in the "Me" section of Facebook Messenger where a user can easily enable the dark mode by clicking on the tab, which is possible to limit by just a few users at some point.

Facebook Messenger has been ranked as the world's second most used messaging app, and the truth is that it has some utilities that lack lack of વોোটપૉપ, such as the fact that there are actually multi-devices or video calls and sending gifs.
Some tips for Facebook Messenger that you can get the most out of this app.

Sometimes the process of finding another person on Facebook is a bit complicated, especially if someone is called Marta Pérez and the other person is Jose González.

Messenger wants to make life easier, thanks to a code that we can easily scan the other person without giving you your phone number.

It works the same way as QR codes or snapachat system.
To access this option, just go to your profile, where your code already appears and click on your photo. Thus, your big code will appear, but a tab will also appear to scan your new friend's code.

This just does not have them in the messenger, Facebook.
Like Twitter or Telegram, Facebook Messenger allows you to customize the usable username, so you can easily add other users and also mention it in groups.

But this trick lets you create a link to create a link to directly communicate with you using url, to make your edits, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on "username", which Below are your photography

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