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Five apps for wagon on iPhone and Android

It is possible that your new motives are to learn the language that we have just started or to lose a few pounds of healthy exercise or eating. Whatever your goal, you can Find countless apps Will help you on Google Play and App Store

If you are planning to leave your general diet and become vegan (or if you already need additional help), there are Programs to prepare delicious dishesCheck whether, among other possibilities, meets ingredient requirements or finds a vegan restaurant. And most of them are free.

Vegamecum – Vegan recipes


Vegamecum app contains 100% vegetable dishes, dairy-free and egg-free selection selections, which contain nutrient information on each dish. Also, Allows you to follow the dishes in an audio version So that you can cook with your hand and enable the automatic adaptation of the amount of ingredients according to the ones you want to prepare.

It also suggests various tips and tricks, offers to create a shopping list and allows you to set alarms so that you do not have to worry about the clock while cooking. And if that was not enough, A new vegan recipe published every week suggests. The download is free, but the app contains ads inside.

Download Vegamecum IOS | Android

Hepco – Vegan Restaurant Guide


You just have to find Happyko listings and you can find them A local vegetarian or vegan restaurant And health food stores anywhere in the world. It allows you to filter by location and keyword, contact an interactive map with the restaurant and save to save your favorite sites in the future.

In addition to this, it is possible to get restaurant question address, telephone numbers, comments and information (such as a website) and upload recipes when you are eating them. The cost of the app is 2.99 euros on Google Play and 4.49 Euro at the App Store.

Hackcou Download IOS | Android



It is possible to find all this app, free of charge, and compatible with thousands of devices AptoVegan products registered on the date Argentina, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Uruguay and France Its developers say that they are searching and setting them up for more than two years, and not just those, but they update the daily list.

In addition, it is possible to contact the listing No need to connect to the internet And you want to remember those products as a favorite when you're shopping. You can also share vegan products with users of your community, and you can use the list of ingredients to identify INS (E numbers) without leaving the application.

Download AptoVegan IOS | Android

Wagon World Amino

Vegan World

Available in different languages, Mundo Vegan Eminem is a community of users where you can Meet other vegans to chat with them And share your own recipes, photos, opinions and experiences. You can also check out many dishes and recent news items as well as tips and tricks.

Apart from this, it is possible to learn from them veganism list (A kind of encyclopedia on wagenetism) and helps in expanding it. The download of the application is free, it does not contain advertisements and is controlled by its parents.

Download Mundo Vegano Amino iOS | Android

Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian recipes

This app collects Thousands of vegan and vegetarian recipes Contains unique filters around the world, and for general discovery, or choose between types of dish, processing trouble or special sections like "lecturesariat" and "grains and cereals".

Each recipe gives an easy step by step, With photos and detailed explanation Preparation of the dish It allows you to make a list of favorites and use a recipe as a shopping list. The download is free, but the app includes advertisements and offers for purchases.

Download vegetarian recipes iOS | Android

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