Saturday , April 1 2023

Flora de Patricia FC in Copa Libertadores


Trujillo Team, Venezuela's champion Women's Copa Libertadódorás d'América opens 18 competitions on Sunday, Flored Paría FC is facing a local team, the Eurendo Club darka Amazonia Arena World Cup stadium

In the Amazon forests on the first day of this event, That is a confrontation between Argentina and Uruguay in Argentina. Before the Ciron Porto del Paraguay.

This week's Flora de Patria FC Brazil is working hard on the soil. Internationally, sisters like Cabriera, Polo, Petra are strong.

The coffee team will be inspiring. The first home team is known as Manaus in the home team. The Hulk Brazil team is only five state championships in 2011. Do not intervene in one of the Brazilian teams. Irnduba includes the foremost rubber bulb.

It will be an interesting encounter, paper, face two sides with less paperboard, as the floor d'Patria FC will have a chance and they will have the opportunity to seek glory, Guarrico and Caracas FC. Estudiantes are the biggest defeat of the Venezuelan women's football on the continent. Florin de Patriès FC will try to do their own without having to bear their historical burden.

The match is being played at 8.30 pm at the World Cup. Inerta's games have over 20 fans. To create history for all Tugiagnoses, Flore de Patriia FC

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