Saturday , October 1 2022

Governor Omer Prato announced the reshaping of 4 hypermarkets


The governor of Zoology, Omar Prato, reached the agreement with the professionals of July to re-activate the state's bicentennial supply chain on December 15, 4 from the hypermarkets.

The regional leader said that after clearing the Las Palmas market in the "Marcheibo Historical Center, parallelism and the Colombian mafia", professional activities are restarted in these four places, from which date food products under the healthy system guide without speculation or hoarding.

The Prato explained that those who pursue hypermarket administration have the management experience and the goal is to eliminate the survivors from biometric systems in those places which will enable the government with the support of Sudeban, the possibility of paying with cryptuctions, especially with sales issues and petro.

He assured that in every trade, the sale of pharmacy, bakery, slaughter, clothes and footwear would be for the rest of the population. He made it clear that the 4 open hypermarkets opened from December 15 will be located in 5 July, Circnavalcian 2, Costa Verde Shopping Center and Kabbimus.

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