Friday , July 30 2021

Guinness Lopez joins the conquest and wins the Latin title

México – With the next and good technical arguments, former World Champion Gannigan & # 39; Mervilla & # 39; Lopez returned to Mexico City's Blackberry Auditorium on the way to victory in Blackcard Auditorium in Mexico, by pointing at Mexican Ricardo. Messierto & # 39; Rodriguez.

After 10 episodes against Rodriging, Giggin won the World Boxing Council's Latino Championship, who had always asked for him. It was the first win for Lopez because he lost to Ken Kieron in Japan with a chance to re-sanctify himself again as a world champion.

Battle, however, Lopez was dominant in its majority, but Rodriguez did spices with what he did, who did not stop going to the front, although he was always one step ahead with good execution. Gangagi easily used his belongings and in the end he took a worthy decision in his favor.

After traveling across the road, the judges gave cards to Guanigon in favor of 98-92, 97-93 and 98-92 grades, which clarified the dominance of the Amacamacca fighter, but did not reflect the commitment & # 39; Messierto & # 39; Fourth Defeat in a row.

With this result, Gangagi lost quicks from his 35 wins, 19 in his career, in exchange for 8 losses, when Ricardo could not stop the losing streak and now left his record in 16 wickets, 5 by knockout, and now seven defeats.

Behind the All-Star Boxing Card on the Capital, Eduardo Rizo gave seven episodes of Jersen Aguilar, while Cesar Soriano gave Martin Aiskimela's account, while in the second round, Kevin Salgado beat Marco Villa.

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