Friday , January 22 2021

Here is the unboxing detail of Resident Evil 2 Collector Edition

When the last E3 remake of Resident Evil 2 was released, the fact that Capcom does not take too long to show its collector edition. It is necessary to appreciate, at least on this occasion, the people of Osaka controlled the time with the master.

Maybe I'm coming from Japan without a special machine that will shoot a large amount of value, but this version is still the first ticket for the experience. Leon's stunning idol As the main claim And now it's hot in our impression, it's a perfect moment to review the wealth in which it's included.

After its corresponding introduction and the TheRelaxingEnd's channel shows us very detailed unboxing with short projects that highlight all aspects of the version. And if you have headphones in hand, you will see that the sound is also very careful.

Sound treatments are appreciated when opening special boxes or overbearing original original artbook pages. Now better. What does this version give us?

Collector version of Resident Evil 2 includes:

  • Full game
  • A metal box with a special design
  • Leon Kennedy 30 centimeter figure
  • Limited Edition RPP.
  • A Collector Box
  • A book of art
  • CD with soundtrack
  • A Pin & # 39; Made in Heaven & # 39;
  • Poster of Recon Police Station
  • Card with Deluxe Download Pack:
    • Soundtrack in original version
    • Leon Kennedy's Westmates: Sheriff Arkeley and Noir
    • Clothing Claire Redfield: Military, Noir and Elsa Walker
    • Weapon Deluxe: Samurai Age – Model Albert

Like a representation of the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom has selected a box format, giving full police touch, which offers part of the content in an envelope. Confidential After the lid with the map and the DLCs card, at the time when the artbook creates an official report.


Something is very successful, because this artbook is designed to be designed with a research notebook as well Decisive visual guide Along with the criticisms, a huge professional exhibition and a very successful organization of all the contents included in the game.


The first and only shelf is visible in the book on which we will see box and pins with the police station keys (metal) and with a steel disc on the right side with a disc and CD, which will launch a reel. With a typewriter 25 topics of BSO.


After all, the image of Leon is well protected, along with really good parameters, including bays, guns and lanterns. True Collector Item.


This Resident Evil Collector 2 You can book for Xbox and PS4 versions at approximately 250 Euro. Of course, this week it will be available with the standard and Deluxe edition of consoles and PC game. Especially, From next January 25

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