Friday , March 5 2021

High-level Commission plans to expand the Russian-Venezuelan economic cooperation

On Friday, Target Lizamia, the Vice President of the financial capital, aimed at expanding bilateral relations between Russia and Venezuela.

Venezuelan D DEVISIONON (VTV), at the time of information exchange, said he planned to include agriculture and mining in co-operation in order to strengthen Venezuela's economy.

"The relationship between the two mekhalakalumayulla five mekhalakalayirikkum venisvelayum relationship with Russia. Urjjabandham a central axis of the trade, every day vipulikarikkappetanam, transported from the producing countries, now many of the items from the local market, the market in Russia in the Russian markets and the market, paramadhikarattinreya In addition to the strategic development of a centralized technical-military relations and peace, "he said.

He argued that the agreements are in place in this commission and that the execution time, obvious way, funding source should work directly with their responsibilities.

"Elsammy said that a partnership that is aimed at safeguarding our national resources and interests is essential.

He said the signing of the contracts for mining and agriculture. The meeting will be held in Karachi on December 13 next week.

"Russia wants to participate in the exploration and exploitation of gold and stone in Russia, and Venezuela will issue a certificate proving that the world's largest gold deposit is the second and third country," he added.

Vladimir Zaimski, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Venezuela, said that he is ready to invest in the above-mentioned production sectors.

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