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"I already have a nose, a mouth and so I can smile"

December 02, 2018 09:30 AM
Updated on December 02, 2018 09:37 AM

Cameron Underworld's life has changed completely by transferring his face, according to him, it has not long been "the appearance and queries of strangers".

"I already have a nose, have a mouth and so I can smile again, talk and eat stiff food," he said.

Two years after the shooting of suicide in the attempt of suicide, the camera spoke. In the event of 2016, he lost his nose, most of all the lower jaws and teeth.

The 26-year-old United States told a news conference in New York on Thursday that, "I'm very thankful to face implants because he has given me another chance in life."

"I can start many activities that I love, such as going out, playing games and spending time with my friends and family.

"I hope to return to work soon and sometimes start a family."

In the new year in 2016, Cameron, with his family, on the right. Photo: Underwood Family

In January this year, medical staff of more than 100 people in New York University's Langon Health Center had a 25-hour operation in Cameroon, and their recovery was announced this week. Operation was carried out only 18 months after Cameron's suicide attempt, according to the Center, in the short term between injury and surgery in the history of EE. YU

Being the first face transplant in 2005, more than 40 worldwide have been made.

Surgery Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez was charged, who said that with medical development, Cameron was determined to survive, who helped make surgery successful.

"Finally it depends on the patient, because the camera played its part and accepted the necessary commitments," he said.

Cameron talked about his surgery and recovery in a press conference in New York. Photo: Getty Images

Cameron transplant was done by Rodriguez for the third time, who had convinced Cameron was an important factor in its recovery even in a relatively short period of time he lived with his injuries.

"Cameron did not live with a decade or more injury, like most of the recipients of infection implants".

"As a result, he did not face many problems of long-term psychological problems, often leading to problems such as serious depression, substance abuse, and other potentially harmful behaviors."

During surgery, the doctor transferred and rebuilt Cameron's upper and lower jaw, including 32 teeth and brain. The face and floor of the mouth, the lower eyelids and the nose were replaced and the tongue needed reconstruction.

The center has reported that the operation was the most technically advanced face transplant and was the first use of donor 3D facial masks in the United States.

"My son helps Cameron to lead a better life"

Della Wille's mother, Sally Fisher, said she would have been "saved" if her son had not been for Cameron. And Negative Thinspace; Photo: Getty Images

The face donor was 23 years old Will Fisher, a chess champion, a writer and filmmaker.

Sally, Willie's mother said, "My son's death was a tragedy."

"I am grateful that, by fulfilling his decision, we can give life to others, and especially Will and Dr. Rodriguez have given Cameron and his family an opportunity to recover their dreams."

"Being part of this experience is a source of strength for me in a very difficult time.

"I do not think he could have survived from Willie's death for Cameron, because Cameron keeps his whole life ahead of him, and I love the idea that Willy helps him to get a better life."

Before his death the organs will be registered to donate. Photo: Fisher Family

During his speech at the Hospital Press Conference, the camera paid tributes to Willis and the Fisher family's support.

"I want to know Sally and her family how much my family and I appreciate her gift and we always respect Willy's legacy."

"There have been many surprising developments in the surgery, I am living the evidence, but he would just thank the special people like Will and his family."

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