Friday , February 3 2023

"I realized the dreams I had made 10 years ago"


Caracas. They say that the only barbarous change in life is the barbara sanchez (El Tigri, 1985). A poem show known as "Amazing Barbara" was held in Miss Venezuela to perform sporting events, enter stage and enter the radio.

Advani also has a special edition of Boutique Broadcasting at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm with Latina 97.7 FM Latina and will be able to hear the cheerleaders and model on Wednesday. The Giga blog had to leave with 88.1 FM and through teleview showcase.

"I feel so happy because I have chosen the contents of the marvelous marvel that I am surprised because I did not like the Internet, and that idea is to keep that dynamic and give information to the general public of events happening in the country".

– What subjects do you need?

– Everything related to parties and celebrations, but I do not intend to become pignonhulled in terms of opening or opening in other ways when developing a topic. If there is a particular problem, I can do that, if it is guaranteed day or week, I will not deny myself to launch another program.

– How did the Giga blog pull out?

– 88.1 FM family gave me the opportunity to start in the amazing world of radio, because I had the chance to come up with that way to get my way into microphones. It was a special stage of my life that started with my dear friend Jesse Palm, and later my brothers, friends and classmates with alna aldor alberos and diger erikkiewes. The air is not going out and my heart shines. Giga Blog was broadcast from 7am to 8pm, so there was nothing that would have been like my day, that was amazing in the cabin. It does not bother me to continue doing that. At the end of the day, I plan the plans, but God carries my agenda, and that's why I see all the changes in a good way. The Giga blog is a reflection of the country's situation, and could not continue right now, nevertheless, some people as part of the plan are confident that some time will be a good time for the family of 88.1 FM. On the other hand, I'm glad to hear much of the news, in many stations and other doors open.

– What about upgrading your contract with Shakespeare?

– Anyway, I'm coming to somewhere, because I had no intention of staying in Teleton for long because I had to do somewhere else. I wanted to prepare a magazine to add to my curriculum. During the time I've experienced it, I have enjoyed and enjoyed it and I made a beautiful family that will forever be there for me. There is no expiry date for love.

– How do you define the professional moment you live in?

– A moment I fully feel 10 years ago I realized the dreams I had set myself up, skillfully and personally. I was married, had my daughter, I put my life, and were able to attend my family at the same time. I'm doing the engine that takes me to make decisions.

Source: El Universal / Photo: Courtesy.

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