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In Bolivar, PSV candidates started the campaign with Fadekaras

Bolivar State Governor Justo Nogra refused to talk to the union's board of directors and assured that "I can not get along with monsters".

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November 22, 2018 9:50 pm

Candidates for councilors in the municipality of Cairo requested Fedekamara to stop "economic boycott". Photo: Gladys Flores

Ciudad Guiana.- Candidates for Councilors for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSU) in Caroni They started election campaign with the takeover of the headquarters Federation of Chambers and the Association of Commerce and Production (Federkamas Bolivar) demanded the end of "economic boycott".

"We are claiming that our head raises the salary Bolivar State Governor Justo Nogura said that he could not finish the materialization and the agreed prices have already increased unjustly, they violate all the agreements, it is the Federcaireas tarred by the empire.

Regional agent Rejecting potential meeting with entrepreneurs Which were against the headquarters during the whole protest.

"I am a Catholic and we are not afraid of anything, but God, but in that door it smells like sulfur and I With monsters I can not find"Nogura declared.

However, José Alfredo Olivo, FedExpress vice president, added that The dialogue is open In which they can present each of their arguments, which is about the economic condition in the country, which is highly inflated spiral.

Board of Directors of Fedekaaras rejects allegations of liability for "economic war" Photo: Gladys Flores

Point out Denied the allegations Accusations for "economic warfare"

"We have criticized the government, But at any time we have played for failure. The success of the government is also the success of Venezuela's business community, "Olivo added.

Naguru assured that It is the government's responsibility to lift the economy And he assured that the Bolivarian State contributed gold to "Fatherland".

"The gold coming from our roots goes to hospitals, roads, schools, health, medicine and food. It is unclear and understandable" Governor's Detail.

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