Friday , January 22 2021

In the case of Oncara Perez, four military officials were released from Venezuela's justice

Four soldiers and four civilians were freed on Wednesday in Venezuela after being arrested for alleged links to former Policemen and pilot Oscar Perez, after an insurgency against the government, an NGO reported by shooting six associates.

The military court gave him "complete freedom without restriction", Gonzalo Himob, director of the Foro Panel, told AFP, a non-governmental organization defending the rights of "political prisoners".

The Lieutenant Robert Escalona, ​​Johanner Sabbas, Carlos Area and Anderson Pérez, and Citizen Juan Carlos Udenet, Carola Hernandez, Joaldie Dion and Laura Ruiz, are the hymn in detail.

Three other soldiers and one civilian were convicted by accepting the facts, but the sentence was not immediately immediately reported.

The court had ruled that, among them, three more detainees, Dr. Willis Aguado, the owner of the house where he was hiding and Perez was assassinated on January 15, will be prosecuted.

On June 27 of that year, Perez, 36, an amateur actor, attacked the grenades and invaders from a scientific police helicopter at the Supreme Court of Justice and the Interior Ministry, without casualties.

288 Criminal forums in the "political prisoners", of which 80 are military.

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