Saturday , January 16 2021

Increases temperature on the Cardinals and Braves island

Martinez and Kubiyak start the third match in search of the series win

Caracas.- Winged and insular always change their conflict in a complex playground; And where only the most skillful can succeed. Newway's Aspirea Stadium in Guatmara today opens its doors again for Postcason, and again, is tied to victory with the series.

As the first playoff round of 2016-2017 is made between Cardinals and Braves, both clubs are presented with Laurel in Game 3, and after the signs of power in previous games, high temperatures on the island are warned. .

On this afternoon, the dug will be between dueling "Davids". Martinez will invent 2-1 for red birds and Kubia will try it even from the brave side. On the right side both of them have tried luck over nasopartan soil this year, the former is the most favorable.
Martínez was the winner on 16 November, 5.0 hit four hits and only two runs. His first and only time against Bravo on 18-19

On the other hand, North America comes from Tiberones de la Guerra, from there it is added to the opposite square. In two appearances with sharks, gathered in five episodes, allowed the four lines of the team which got stronger today and had a 0-1 record.
For anyone

Margarita won 17 of the 32 matches in Pomeranian during the regular round, and on December 16, Lara was the only success in this phase of the nine faces, and whiting 4 to 0.

However, Cardinals are immune to it because they won four times on the island after having scored 16 in the winning period, where Bravo came on the plate 11 times.

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