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Learn about the three new features that the app introduces:


November 18, 2018 07:54 PM
Updated November 18, 2018 20:18 PM

Did you know that you can slide a message now to write an answer? Or can you give your child a special notification to prioritize your contacts? In the past months, the owner of Facebook and WhatsApp has prioritized the development of the popular instant messaging platform. We show you three of the features you may not yet know.

App stickers

Users can use the popular stickers in the app. The feature in Messenger chats, Instagram stories or telegram chats is enabled for Android and iOS devices.

The version you need to use has a 2.18.101 app. Click on option to send emoticons (Smile Face Icon). Thereafter, a new option for stickers in the text panel of chats will be displayed in the lower part of the icons between the emoji and gifs, along with the sticker icon.

You can get predetermined stickers by clicking on the option. If you want to access other designs, you can also search in the text panel for a + button, which gives you a sample of sticker packages to download it.

Please listen to audio before sending it

There is another innovation that can record voice notes and control some movements. If you want to record unlimited time, for example, you do not have to hit the microphone button continuously, start audio recording and release it gently without lifting up. A lock icon will appear and you can still press and hold the document. Press the send button to send.

If you can say anything or you can not skip the sound sounds in the background, you can discard the audio by holding down the recording by dragging it to the left by dragging the recording. There you will see a trash icon and you can try again.

Finally, it's a simple lie that informs you that your audio is not correct and it's easy to send. To get this, press Microphone to block the message and prevent the site's scoding. Then leave the conversation by pressing the back button to return all the chats. Re-type the conversation, find a button to play, delete another, send another, and hear another.

Manage your contacts

Customers can customize and review the activities in the app, for example, how much they speak to their contacts. For example, you can identify how many photos or audio messages they've shared in a conversation or group chat.

Click & # 39; Settings & # 39 ;, and & nbsp; Data & Storage & # 39; Go to & # 39; Storage Use & # 39; Select the option. You'll see a list there, depending on the amount of data delivered. You can see how many messages, photos, or documents are delivered by selecting one.

& # 39; Personalized Notifications & # 39; You can customize it in this menu to be notified in the option. Tone, light, and vibration can be changed.

Other news

The app warns if a message is sent automatically. You can respond to a specific message by sliding left. The text you type will return that message, which will appear as an answer.

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