Saturday , January 16 2021

Madura asked all the corrupt people of the country to arrest and punish them

UN- President of the Republic, Nicholas Maduro said on Thursday to implement a special plan to persecute, capture and punish all the corrupt people living in the country., Who will be the executive vice president of Daisy Rodriguez.

"It is true that there are so many corruption, ndolencia, burocratismo. The allegations of robbing people have greatly benefitted (…) and are now the worst enemies of the country. Bandits, thieves, who disguise themselves as red reds and rob the homeland During the Bolivian Congress of People's Liberation Congress in Polydero di Caracas, the President said.

He assured that He "will fight against unity, bureaucracy and corruption. Whatever happens! Irresponsible against corruption, it is a great work of revolution ", so he sought support for the implementation of the plan.

During the meeting, he said on Thursday that more than 80% of Venezuela's people deny foreign intervention and want to solve the country's internal problems. "I know that more than 80% of studies deny foreign intervention in the country," he said.

The United States was recently condemned by the Head of State for its plans against the government, he asked every parish, municipality and the civil union in the state to strengthen and provide timely responses and forcibly prepare any rebellion effort. It can be generated during next weeks or months. "There is no disregard here," he said.

Similarly, Bolivarian said to be ready to win the National Armed Forces (Fanab) And under no circumstances guarantee the peace of the country.

He said, "I have become an observant of the empire and hierarchy satellites." Every day he plans against them and against Venezuela. Given this, he said that the problem is not Shavez or Madure, but it is people who are determined to be free.

During the meeting, the General Coalition of the People's Congress of Bolivarian Congress was established, which was adopted by the President on this Thursday. He explained that this Congress will aim to enable the country's revolutionary forces to activate with the power of people with the need of time and place.

It determines the three main actions in which the purpose of strengthening peace includes rebellion, terrorism and the defeat of imperialism, as the first point; Second, Venezuela's recovery, growth and economic prosperity, while the third issue leads to brutality, corruption against corruption and corruption.

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