Saturday , January 16 2021

Magistrate would have been arrested while trying to leave the country

Lara Press | Agencies.- Two magistrates of Supreme Court Justice (TSJ) were detained on Sunday in the afternoon trying to leave the country According to an unofficial report by Makkatia International Airport, by an informal journalist, Hakmiri Lugo.

Last Saturday, TSJ's Christian Tyrone Zerpa Magistrate defective and escaped to the United States. In an interview with journalist Carla Angola, she assured that she does not want to be part of the inauguration of Nicholas Maduro on January 10.

"Another magistrate who thought" Sing ". Norco-dictatorship sink. Parliamentary Emerico de Gazia wrote that when he was leaving the country, Magistrate Yanaina Karinbin and Criminal Chamber of France Coelho were arrested.

Wilco Fernandes, political personality believes that the detention was "Nicholas Maduro every day more alone and in the corner On 10th January, the citizen is to give a final fight to the national assembly"

Informative source: Alberto News.

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