Friday , March 5 2021

Meditation is effective against post traumatic stress

Meditation is very effective in treating the victims of post traumatic stream (ESPT) The study, conducted in the United States last Friday, is published in the Scientific Journal of the London Psychiatric.

If a person experiences a tragedy experience, For example, such as death, violence or sexual assault is associated with it.

All the memories that repeat above all, nights, Everything is reminiscent of the incident, telling about illness and depression.

The victims are mainly victims of violence and war (14% of Iraqi servicemen serving in Iraq and Afghanistan suffered from ESPT).

In current treatments, therapy is exposed through exposure. Introduction of sick, places, images, emotions, sounds and smells is gradually introducing in relation to the disease. Their body not only reacts sharply but also stress

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But It is painful for the victims of ESPT The study found that people aged between 30 and 45 years abandon their treatment.

Researchers from three universities Americans They sought a study with 203 former combatants Affected.

The army, women, and men are divided into three groups: Meditation, second therapy from primary therapy, third, ESPT, theoretical course.

60% of the 20-year-old former soldiers Daily meditation They made significant advancements The study was conducted with the symptoms of the symptoms and in this group. The expansion took place at the end of study rather than those who undergo therapy.

Meditation involves concentrating on something inexhaustible, Breathing or an object is called the state of perception, to focus on the moment at the moment. In this way, you can keep yourself away from painful feelings or emotions.

This method "can be practiced everywhere Without requiring special equipment or personal support at all times, "AFP said, adding" Sanford, the lead author of the study.

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