Tuesday , January 31 2023

Participation in big red and black in Caribbean classics


The good news comes because of cycling. This Sunday, the XXI Classic of the Caribbean, which won the best results on Norte de Santander, was in Carmena between last Friday and Sunday. Organized by Bolivar's Cycling League and accepted by the Colombian Cycling Federation.

In the last phase of the youth category, Andrze Savedra from North Kukutoor won. In the competition, the second category was retained by General Classification. In the final table there was Michael Martenz's second and Robinho Gros.

At Elite branch, the first part of the 120 km range between Tarba-Aragona-Tarbaco won. Cyclist Josimer Geres, third goal of Sule Noe Rice Team, Rosario Alsides Espainal II.

With a clock locked within 3 hours, Gerus won the package 13 a second in Anger Riaz, Juan Espinal and Bolivar Ferrene Rostopo.


Josiemar Jerez celebrated this new achievement in the field after winning the stage. "It was a beautiful, high level and beautiful atmosphere and a beautiful rainy weather."

Motorola gave the athletes the opportunity to express their gratitude to Arros Sulia and KarlSodo Power.

With this achievement, the three-day fierce competition ended in the Bolivian capital. The results of the rivals were the pride of Nodo de Santander.

By: Rito Julio Patiño / [email protected]

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