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Pinto returns after 10 million ELESPECTADOR.COM

The coach has signed up to club club until 2019. The players will define who will leave the club in the coming weeks. He asked for a second defender, goalkeeper, and forward.

Moronius is the home of George Louis Pinto. He became a football coach there. At first he was a physical coach, then assistant finally technician. In 1984, he took over the job as a professional team and got the subtitle of the rented tournament that season.

Later she passed through Santa Fe, Union Magdalena, Dorportio Kali, Aliazas Lima. In 1998, he worked cautiously before returning to the ambassador's club. Now, 20 years later, he again, more and more illusions and enthusiasm than ever before.

4:25 pm On November 13, a one-year contract was signedThe Ambassador, led by President Enric Kamacho, has long met with directors. Finishing was not a problem because Pinto opened it up He approaches Gilberto Ernest as a professional coach as Freddy Rincon as assistant.

After completing his formal career as coach of the Honduran national team by the end of 2017 He received numerous offers, but they refused. Flamengo in Brazil and the Federation of Ecuadorian Football Federation. With some teams in Arabia and Kuwait, along with Samulek from Egypt. And some Colombians too They did not want to be considered because they were in competition In this way, he believes that the Marche association does not accept it. "In these situations, a team is not a train, it's competing only, gets complicated, I want to wait for a good job, time to work, an idea to understand and implement"He explains.

Okay right now Moment arrived. Millerius was not a coach who co-collaborated with the directors before leaving Muguel Angela Ruzo and was replaced by a 65-year-old Santander. Meet the club and the Ambassador Hobbie. He lived in Bogotá and in many years Representative of the largest shareholding owner of Amberla Blanco, Gunstroke Serpa,

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The plan will be presented in the coming days and will soon determine the position and submit the plan for the 2019 season.. He is aware of the current state of the institution. In fact, there is already an idea of ​​the booths you need: A central defender, a goalkeeper, and a striker.

Pintolo was an intelligent footballer when he was young and he played well. Talent never gave him a favor to get professionalism. But football was football live. Studied physical education at the Pedagogical University. He was coached in Colombia, Brazil and Germany..

He has directed for 34 years. He has 11 clubs from five countries and three national teams. Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, as well as three Central American ships, two Costa Rican teams and a League for Honduras.

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Controversial, encounter, emotional, and pentong football are those who are attracted to football. He is the Colombian technician of the best performance in the world, Then came to Costa Rica in Brazil's quarterfinals, after winning two victories and three draws in 2014 (he was sacked against the penalty spot on a penalty spot).

after that The 10th World Cup is being held in Russia in 2018, the courts want to overturn to give hints. While he is enjoying football and participating in forums and participating in academic meetings, the majority of the shorts are on the grass, watching videos, planning games, and visualization plays.

On Tuesday, he studied the financial situation of the club and the possibilities of hiring new players. "I want to make a club, because I can get training, an army, a soldier, I want to repatriate, train, and repeat."Pento said, will pay for more than two months, along with an attempt to give honorable ambassadors and pride to an enterprise lost in 2018.

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