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Pond curling We tell you how to fight


We have to do what to do to combat it.

The constipation is a picture that drives our food when it is contaminated.

The perspective of biomaterials causes the resurrection of colon water. It is washed out and hardened.

In most cases, constipation does not occur in a specific condition.

This is related to the following components:

Ignoring dietary fiber, dehydration, lack of physical activity, or even ignoring the natural need to go to the bathroom.

Let's see what to do to solve this unpleasant situation.

Increase the consumption of fiber in the diet.

Each meal you eat is a measure of fiber through fruits, vegetables, etc.

• Always choose healthy fat.

They help the intestinal lubrication. Use more virgin olive oil, cashew and avocados.

• It is often helpful for molasses to relieve constipation.

It is best to take a teaspoon before going to bed faster in the night.

Ginger or mt tea.

Both of these products are considered to be effective natural remedies for solving digestive problems.

First, digestive tension increases, and second will swallow the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.

Drink at least two cups a day in the morning and in the day.

Nervous system: These are two of the most effective fruits of constipation.

They are rich in natural fibers. Quickly known as digestion and subsequent evictions.

If you look at your physical work, you may be hampered by these tips.

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