Monday , August 2 2021

Prevention and early diagnosis are an effective combination of cancer treatment

Cono Guamina, president of Anticancer Society in Venezuela, said that prevention and early diagnosis are an effective combination of cancer treatment.

He noted that if detected initially, there is a 25% chance of reducing cancer mortality.

Gumina, indicated in the program Dialogue with Administered by journalist Carlos Cross, the Anticancer Society of Venezuela has mobile clinics, which are part of the Association's program that provides breast screening services for prostate cancer and women.

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He suggested that at the age of 45, people should start with research to support the absence of cancer.

She explained that the most common cancer in women is breast and uterus. like thisWhen men have prostate, lungs and digestion.

In young women, she commented that cervix is ​​the most common, "In Venezuela, little girls start their sexual activity at an early age, so they get HPV and it has a significant effect."

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