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Pulmonary illnesses may lead to self-medication leading to pneumonia la chronicle del quiria


Misuse of antibiotics is more complicated and leads to pneumonia's clinical images.

    Self-treatments may lead to pneumonia when the lung infection occurs

Of the ten lung diseases, seven diseases are viral and bacterial. / Pixabay

The FIG Self medications When a Respiratory infections Can Pneumonia leads to developmentOne of the drugs that drug-resistant, Dr. Said Ram Don Deros Peres.

"In the absence of antibiotics that prevent their anesthesia and self-treatment at home, they will not die unless a patient dies, other members of the family, and self-medication," he said.

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The Mexican Institute of Social Security, said the head of the emergency service of the imams specialty hospital Misuse of antibiotics leads to clinical images of pneumonia which are more complex So mortality is high.

"People need to understand this Ten viral and non-bacterial products are ten lung diseasesSo they only demand medicines for paracetamol-sedatinophen and chlorine, not antibiotics, "he said.

The home remedy for respiratory diseases, Another factor to compromise is that not only does the health of the sick even go to the doctor,.

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"In many cases, when infection occurs with viral origin, the discomfort is effective in maintaining good nutrition, rest and good hygiene. If symptoms persist for more than five days, due to lung and respiratory disorders, special care has to be taken."He said.

Finally, it is explained Pneumonia is more dangerous than the boundaries of lifeThat is, children below 5 years and above adults over 65 years of age.

In their biological conditions, often the risk can not be expressed because the family should pay attention to their health condition.


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