Monday , May 17 2021

Real Madrid win and short distance

After hitting the bottom of Ipura seven days ago, there were some improvements in Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabe stadium.

Madrid | EFE.- Real Madrid responded to the instability of Ipuaia by increasing commitment and distribution against bilateral valencia, who physically punished the first engagement of the first and gave a counter-notification in the meeting as part of each team. Bell Hessis and Isco Manitirius.

It was a game that decided the trend. Real Madrid is physically improved, reflecting the impact of Pinto's hand, which is initially against Vanessa, which dried the league's reaction after two consecutive victories. The Champions League's clothing accused him of his feet and soul. He infiltrated under the pressure of Real Madrid and when he responded there was a lack of marksmanship.

Because he started everything against the team of Marcelino, who adhered to the initial pressure of Real Madrid. When Karavajal appeared, he had already forgave two benzas, he cut off his band and the center finished it within his lust. It was 8th minute and everything was facing Solaris, to get confidence in the new face in favor of wind.

This trend will bury the epic iwuaian terrible image. On each ball, a real Madrid beat that was infected due to the proven spirit of Carvajel, Benzema stole Valencia with defenses, defensive aid, block pressure, and constant robbery balls with less protection.

Marcus Laurent's party held him in Rome, before the band with Guya and Gidees, to help the caravajel with Lukas Vazkviz, before the band with him, demonstrates being better physically than Regulon Marcelo and Solaris. Bell turned to the left and with the intention of trying two goals with near goal always close.

Valencia took 28 minutes to create their first approach and it was a shot of gamers' clouds. Physically, with Cold Morrick, ordered Real Madrid in the game, and Belle was punished, but NATO took a good shot to make it a shot of a meter. Courts had more peace and were interfered only with the gentle shots of Perez.

Forced Valencia spread in the second half. In two steps he showed more hunger than the first part. Gimaro examined Curtis and when Parson had a tenth of his second ball with a ball on his feet, he measured a centimeter after Ramos, who shot with power in the race on the crossbar. It was a serious warning. Panorama changed.

Message received by Solaris. Valencia was awakened and she could pass through the game, in which there was fear of leaving the premises for the Real Madrid stadium. Benzema's head and model apologized the first pardon.

Belle was disconnected and whisled any mistake, with its audience. He left his place in the Ansonia, which had to change to the new panorama, but ISKO increased its barrier while waiting for the band to enter the game.

The last clarity was that Valencia was the head of Gabriel after a shortage of Perez. Solaris reunited his team, increased muscle with Wellverdays and closed the entry paths. And they ran up to the countertack with speed. So, without self-confidence, everything wasted to spoil the Asians.

Ten minutes left for the final and when ISKO came into the match to make a decision, 25 got the heat. Contains its new meritorious role with seven straight games from eleven. He threw nineteen countertack, that this time, he was punished. Benzema raised her head in the area and helped Lukas Wazviz to give sixth win in seven games with Solaris.

Technical Sheet:

2 – Real Madrid: Courtois; Caravajal, Varano, Sergio Ramos, Regulone; Marcus Laurent, Sebelos (ISKO, M.80), Modric (Valverde, M.72); Lucas Vazquez, Benzema and Belle (Essencio, M.63).

0 – Valencia: Net; Vas (Pissini, M.68), Gare, Gabriel, Guy; Solar, Perez, Kquelin (Kondagaia, M.68), Gides; Gimaro (Batsuya, M.72) and Sindi Meena.

Goals 1-0, M8: Vas own door 2-0, M84: Lucas Vazviz.

Referee: González González (Castilian-Leonardo School). He advised Seybroos (71) for Real Madrid; And Galle (6), Solar (11) and Gaye (20) for Valencia.

Events: Matches match of the 14th day of the Lalja Centendander played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in front of 6,653 spectators.

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