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Relatives believe that the hired soldier is killed in the death of a woman

January 23, 2019 01:15 AM

At the murder of Nicor ​​Bermudez Munoz, a girl's mother, registered in San Jose County in the street on August 11 in the morning, two versions are controlled and those who receive the greatest strength according to the relatives, are killed by the command so they refuse to steal the cell phone Is there.

Victim sister Orlavith Aguir Munoz said in Belo Monte Morge yesterday that the woman threw garbage in her container on the entrance of the neighborhood. At the moment, the people who followed the protest heard it. She came out of her phone, but she was not recording. They say that a high powered motorcycle was approached by two men and wore a yellow glossary jacket from the police force. Other neighbors said they were armed groups. Asked for a cell phone and she resisted, so they killed her. "

Other reasons

The second version of the facts is contradictory by the victim's sister. The woman's relative said under the protection of her identity, two months ago, Bermudes broke up with a man who knew that she was not the biological father of the girl.

"It is possible that by ending this relationship, the former couple has sent him to shoot and they mimic the robbery to disperse the police. We do not believe that about theft of the phone," he said.

He also said that a warehousien, the owner of the warehouse where liquor was sold, was the sole witness of the crime, but when he was asked by local people and homicides hub officers of the scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps, he himself and often It changed its story. This man was arrested yesterday by Siksei, waiting for his statement and testimony to contribute to the understanding of the testimony.

"First she said that the woman has got two shots: one face and another coxx. She also said that there were many men on the motorcycle," a family member told the victim.

Knicker Bermudge graduated from the University of Francisco de Miranda as an Engineer in Computer Science and worked in the Office of Public Defender in the Administrative Area. So far, in 2019, the 11th woman died in Greater Karaaka.

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