Monday , September 27 2021

Santiago Solar is a Real Madrid coach

Santiago Hernán Solari Poggio, Well known "Indian Solari"He said to them, Real Madrid coach The whole time, so the White Club was announced on Monday Spanish Football Federation.

So far Argentina has completed his position after the Spanish expulsion Juleen Lopez, There was not a big defeat in the technical direction of the team Barcelona It will take a decision to leave the exit from the club.

Solari He is a former player of River Plate Real Madrid The team will take care of it Full time coach, After getting the best start of a technician Madrid, Four wins in four contests. Two goals in 15 goals.

Until now Solari The team's work and the victorious winner were recovered Real Madrid Playing with dynamism, giving the ball fast, and giving importance to the game to add to the attack. Madrid Triumphant triumph Champions LeagueContinuously.

Until now Solari One injured person was able to successfully manage, and there were two main casualties Danny Karvagal and Marcelo,.

Argentina depends on youngsters Alvarro oderozola, Sergio Reugulon They have responded to the owners with the best partnership. In addition, the technician mini was provided Vinities junior In the future, he offers a personality and expresses extraordinary commitment.

The next challenge Solari The FIG Three times European champion The club is to keep the championship winner in the World Cup United Arab Emirates December 12 to 22.

Real Madrid will defeat Pillas and make fans happy

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