Wednesday , January 26 2022

Scientifically confirmed: Facebook, Instagram induce depression


Spending more time on social networks is increasing The feeling of loneliness And Cause depressionAccording to new research published by the journal Social and Clinical Psychology. The FIG The main reason Depression that networks reject us is "the comparison of a subtle mind" in other users' lives.

143 students actively participated in the underlying experiments Facebook, Instagram And Snap chat. First, a survey was made to identify the volunteer mood and welfare, with the help of statistics from which the average time of social networks is present.

Subsequently, students are divided into two categories. Students who first served as a control team offered themselves to social networks Usually usually. Members of the second group did not use the experimental group More than 10 minutes One day on each social network. Experiment lasted Three weeks.

When the experiment was completed, fear of self avoiding yourself from sociology, social support, environmental, dictator, anxiety, depression, self-respect and self-approval prepared a special questionnaire for volunteers with seven indicators.

Well, the study was found Loneliness and frustration are directly dependent At times when we spend on social networks. In addition, all members of the experimental group were shown Less symptoms of depression More than members of the control group.

Melissa G., one of the authors of the work. Hunt says, "Getting less attention to social networks seems to be a little bit to us."

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