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Scientists find out how much pain they may have on the brain


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A study report published in the Journal Cell says that US scientists in San Francisco, California, University of California say how sad they are in the human brain.

The study included 21 researchers, and most of them concluded that it was related to the big communication between the parts of the brain that involves pain and mental retardation.

Each part of the brain has been identified as almond-shaped amygdala, sorrow, and other emotions, and has also been investigating some of the previously unheard of hippocampus memory. In emotion. Scientists at the University of California study the precision of what happened in the brain when the person's mood changed.

21 patients were admitted to a hospital with brain surgery. Prior to surgery, doctors pulled their wire into their brain and controlled their electrical activity over a week. This helped scientists if they'd come together to communicate with specific networks in the brain.

Relief for depression

As a result, 13 patients from 21 patients were found to have joined the same network. That is, in the brain of the population, the relationship between the tragic and the special neuron circuit helps to keep memories using hippocampus, which connects Agalala.

"Had they been happy or grieved, there was a network that was told us again," says the UCSF Associate Professor of Psychology. Also, the study writer Vikas Sohal also quoted NPR.

In addition, this is a detailed map of what is happening in the human brain. Doctors and scientists should look for better treatment for patients with mood disorder. Also, those with depression can provide relief.

"A psychiatrist, telling patients is incredibly strong," hey, you seem to be going through something in the brain, "Sohal said.

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