Sunday , August 7 2022

Self-treatments may lead to pneumonia when the lung infection occurs


"In the absence of antibiotics that prevent their anesthesia and self-treatment at home, they will not die unless a patient dies, other members of the family, and self-medication," he said.

The head of the emergency service at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (EMSS) specialty hospital at Jalisco said. Misuse of Antibiotics Clinical images of patients with pneumonia make it difficult for the treatment and high mortality rates are increasing.

Make people of the population aware. Because every 10 to 10 lung diseases are viral and non-bacterial products. Therefore, drugs, such as paracetamol, chlorpamine, are only antibiotics.

In addition to wanting to create lung diseases at home, it is believed that there may be symptoms in consultation with a physician who can compromise even in the health of the patient.

"In many cases, infection occurs when the viral origin occurs, and the discomfort is effective in maintaining good nutrition, rest and sanitation, and if there are more than five days of symptoms, due to lung and respiratory disruption, we need special care."

The worst thing in the last life is the child under 5 years of age and adults above the age of 65.

In their biological conditions, often the risk can not be expressed because the family should pay attention to their health condition.



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