Friday , March 31 2023

Six years later, it is reported that the pistol robbery is being stolen


Picture "Tate de Arlequin"(Herlekov's headquarters), by painter Pablo Picasso, Watched this Sunday Romania, After stealing six years from the museum Kunsal In it Rotterdam, Holland.

One of the seven men arrested in 2012 looted millions of euros. Three minutes late, and the public "Theft of the century"

The criminals were captured and tried in 2013, but no images of Claude Monet, Paul Guineen and Henry Matisse were found. Experts think they have burned to destroy evidence. Finding the hopes of finding other paintings.

The authorities are investigating whether the missing images of this exhibition in Romania are the true paintings of Picasso. | Photo: Clarin


The prosecutor claimed that Dutch citizens arrived at the Embassy Holland Bucharest (capital city RomaniaThey are also depicted in the Romanian Romania of southern Romania. "Now, confirms that the inquiries are authentic.

The rest of the images were stolen in 2012 and are still not visible.

– Lisiez of the Blank and Gentle of Henry Matemis (read white and yellow woman).
– Wattlewood Bridge, London (Waterloo Bridge, London), Chring Cross Cross Bridge, London (London), Clood Mone.
– Fema Devant Yuni Fentry ouverte (woman in front of the open window) Paul Gougain.
– Major de Auto's autorture ("Self Portrait")
– "The woman and the eyes" ("the woman with the closed eyes") by Lucius Freud.

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