Saturday , June 10 2023

So Madrid's signatures have a percentage of possible success


He Real MadridAt the request of Zinedine Zidane Facing the onset of prejudice in the second week of July, he hastened the induction chapter with him. Eden Hazard, Luca Jovic and Ferland Mandy – Dodrigo and Eder Milita They were already closed – but that has not been said yet. The French coach wants more, mainly Paul Pogba, And that's not all said yet.

Zizo He wants the midfielder Manchester United At any rate, but other options Van de Beek If the French World Champion fails or Neymar Junior, A & # 39; galactic & # 39; To finish punching the table and Barcelona, Also interested in Brazilian. So inside Central Defense We analyzed the percentage of possible success in these signatures:

Arrival of PogbaNo, dear Zidane, Is around 25% chance Because comes to fruition United It received no substitution and could not be applied later, because the marketplace Premier It's already closed. In addition, its high claims (More than 160 million euros) Do not help close the operation. (Ardisen sticks to "surprise" to close Madrid's door)

If I had not finally arrived Pogba, 'Van de Beek Option ' Will gain more strength and is 50% Because it depends on the decision Zidane -el Ajax He has opened the door and he will sell it to some 50-60 million-. Similarly, this PSG Also ready to get rid of Neymar And his signature for her Madrid Is on 30% Because the whites are not yet fully engaged in the operation and they are waiting for an agreement between them Barcelona And the Parisian Club.

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